Seasons Change~ The Gift of Growing Older
Posted On: Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Just a quick side bar : I am not the best blogger but I am going to try and get better!
So here we are, fall is almost in the air.  When it comes to the end of summer, I am sort of like a four year old child not getting his/her way.  I pout (okay I am know to do that sometimes) and get really cranky.  I just love summer.  Not so much the hot humid weather but that carefree feeling that comes with it.  It seems that once the kids go back to school something in the air changes.  But does it really?  Or is it just the way we look at things.  I think it is the latter.
We have all heard the phrase "attitude is everything".  It is true but sometimes it is hard to dig for that positive attitude.  I recently read something, somewhere,  that said to look for beauty in every moment of the day.  Now that is something I can do.  So as I sit here on this raining day, FINALLY updating my blog, I am finding beauty in the fact that the grass and trees and are getting a much needed drink of water.  Ok--corny but it is a start!
In my business, which I am incredibly grateful for-(see I am finding beauty again) patients (especially my ladies) are less than positive about their aging skin. For us females, aging is serious business.  We feel like somehow we are losing a bit of our "power".  It is hard to see our faces change before our eyes.  Treatments, creams, UV protection really help, but in the end, we are going to age.  And we are lucky to do be able to experience this gift.
Just as seasons change each year, seasons also change in our lives.  As I look around at my family, my friends, my home, my beloved dog, even my business, they are all getting older.  It is bittersweet.  But most things get better with time.  
Here's my point.  Six years ago this October, a dear friend of mine lost her cousin to breast cancer.  Her cousin was 34 years old.  She was graceful,  beautiful, smart, vibrant and so positive.  A true joy to be around.
When I get upset or frustrated with my aging face, I often think of her.  I think of how she would have given anything to grow older, to see her children flourish, to see her parents enjoy their golden years, and to live happily ever after with her husband.  That is when I realize, that aging really is a gift.  We get to experience "seasons" with a new perspective and find beauty and joy around us everyday.
So I say to you all, embrace all that are and all that you will be.  And enjoy all the seasons of the year and  all of the season of your wonderful life!


Posted On: Thursday, September 30th, 2010
You are sooo right!

Thanks for such uplifting thoughts!