Princess Bride
Posted On: Friday, April 29th, 2011

Princess Bride


Ah…..what a glorious morning.  I had to get up early because I had to attend a wedding!


My husband did not understand why I was so excited about the Royal Wedding.  Maybe because he was never a little girl.  A little girl who from the time she could remember, dreamed of one day becoming a princess and a bride. 


When my beloved sister Heidi and I were little, we would put pillow cases on our heads and pretend we were brides.  Each dreaming of our own wedding day.


I still remember the wedding of Princess Di (how we all loved her) and Prince Charles.  My loving mom woke me and my sister up very early in the morning (that was way before Tivo or DVR) and said, we all need to watch this together. It is history.


I know so many of my “sisters” were out there watching with me today.  All of us, secretly wishing we were Princess Kate.


I think seeing the dress was my favorite part! No- it was her walking into Westminster Abby.  No- it was Prince William seeing her for the first time. No, it was the ride in Cinderella’s coach pulled by those magnificent white horses. No, it was the kiss on the balcony.  Oh heck, the whole entire thing was my favorite part.  I sat and savored every delicious moment.  Tissue in hand.  What a magical real life fairy tale.


Us girlie girls love weddings because it celebrates all that we adore. All the things that make being a girl so fantastic.  Fancy white dresses, special hair styles, expertly applied make-up, sparkly jewelry, new shoes, a bunch of fuss and pomp.   Oh yeah, let’s not forget the Prince or Handsome Groom.


But really, weddings (royal or not) are all about hopes and dreams of what is to come.  A new beginning .  A leap of faith.  A promise to another person to give him/her the best of who we are.  What’s not to love about that?


As a make-up artist, I have been SO lucky to be a part of so many weddings.  Seeing a bride never gets old.  It is every “common” girls day to be a princess. 


So here’s to being a girl! Loving the beauty and simple joy of a wedding!






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