Osmosis Clear Harmonized Water
Posted On: Monday, November 2nd, 2009
So many of you love the Clear Harmonized Water --I finally have some “technical” information to explain why.  

Harmonized Water utilizes several beneficial frequencies that have been imprinted on water molecules through a revolutionary process.  These frequencies have been proven to stay in the water for years.  Consuming these beverages allows the beneficial frequencies to spread through our (water-filled) bodies.  Scientists have become increasingly supportive of the idea that molecules can hold energy.  There has also been a growing awareness that frequencies have an impact on cellular activity.  Harmonized Water has simply put those two concepts together to create frequency-enhanced water that has positive effects on cellular activity.

Are you still with me??

 As we grow older, our body is exposed to millions of toxins and different forms of radiation that alter the energetic balance in our cells and tissues.  Harmonized Water helps to correct those imbalances.  The result is that your body begins to heal itself.  


For those of you that follow “ The Secret”  principles and philosophy of energy this will make sense to you....Everything in nature vibrates (at the molecular level) and does so at a specific to that rate.  In other words, like “energetic fingerprints”, everything has a unique vibrational frequency.  What we think (yes, thoughts have a vibrational frequency), what we inhale and what we ingest all have either a positive or negative effect on the energy of our cells.  Harmonized Water targets specific disharmonies that are associated with human disease or related symptoms.  It is then up to the body to heal itself.

The Clear Topical Spray utilizes  frequencies that promote wound healing, minimize bacterial overgrowth and protect against free radical damage. That makes it great for all skin types!!  

Just spray your skin after you cleanse--then again after you apply all of your Osmosis serums.  Harmonized  Water is also an EXCELLENT way to moisten and set your mineral make-up!!


A big thank you for Dr. Ben Johnson (the founder and creator of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare) for providing this information!!


Posted On: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
My skin feels great since I started using Harmonized Water!  THANK YOU!!!