Mineral Make-up--Let's Get glo-ing!!
Posted On: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


Mineral Make-up is everywhere these days.  

So how do you know which one is “the best”  I have been working with glōminerals over 7 years and just LOVE it!!  I think it is one of the best on the market--here is why......

glōminerals utilizes micronized, triple milled 

particles. This means the minerals will: 

• Lay smoother on the skin 

• Feel silkier when touched 

• Provide continuous coverage 

• Show less shine and/or sheen on the skin.

Triple milled mineral particles will not be absorbed into the skin, but rather lay smoothly on the skin’s surface.  glōminerals delivers a semi-matte finish that works perfectly for everyday use.  It is also excellent  for photography and HDTV.

glōminerals also offers their exclusive formula in a pressed "powder" formula. Very convenient and not as messy as the loose variety.

Some of the “mass” mineral make-ups that are sold in specialty stores, infomercials and home shopping channels have mineral particles that are larger.  This can result in a higher sheen and more shine.   

In addition  glōminerals products contain an exclusive blend of antioxidants that offers added protection against environmental conditions 

and stresses.

* Vitamin C – an antioxidant to reverse   

   free-radical damage and strengthen   

   the immune response to antigens 

* Vitamin A – an antioxidant that  conditions  

   the skin keeping it soft and supple 

* Vitamin K– an antioxidant with calming and  

   anti-inflammatory properties 

* Vitamin E – an antioxidant that delivers  

   moisture binding benefits and promotes skin 


* Green tea extract – anti-inflammatory   

   and antibacterial

Each product in the glōminerals product line is talc-free. Each product also offers broad- spectrum UV and antioxidant protection. glōminerals is a professional makeup line sold only through skincare professionals and spas.

 glōminerals are a client favorite!!!!

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